Construction Update

*The Parish office has now moved over to the Family Center temporally until Construction is completed. The location of Fr. Chuck and Office staff is sat up in the Lounge. Office Hours are 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Monday Thru Friday.
*Job Seekers has moved over to the Youth Center from Tuesday, August 29 thru November 28.
*The Food Pantry has been moved to the Love in Action of Despelder Street Tuesday, August 29 thru Tuesday, December 5. Food donations will be accepted here.
*The Parish Administration Building will be demolished during early September and converted into “parking lot” by late October. The bell tower remains intact. 
*A “Buy A Brick” memorial garden is planned to be installed by November 15, 2017. 
*The handicap ramp on Despelder will be closed from August 20 until November 15 
*Our singular address will be 920 Fulton Avenue, Ph 616-842-0001 
*Volunteers will be needed during the week of November 13 to assist with office furniture assembly and relocation into the new building 
*The new facility is scheduled to be opened the week of November 20