We have openings for the following positions at St. Patrick-St. Anthony Parish. (If you are looking for broader list of job listings in the Grand Haven area, please contact our Job Seeker program.)

Coordinator of Middle School Ministry

Our Coordinator of Middle School Ministry guides the faith formation for middle school youth (Grades 5-8) as well as Confirmation preparation for 7th & 8th grades. If you are interested, please submit your resume to apply@stpatsgh.org.

Job Description

Reports to: Director of Faith Formation as well as Pastor and Administrator

Salaried Position – Exempt 

General Description: This person will coordinate and guide the overall vision and goals for the Middle School Youth Ministry, which includes grades 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th. The 7th and 8th grades include sacramental prep for Confirmation. The Coordinator will be responsible for building relationships with both young people and adults in the parish, schools and community settings. As a mentor for parish youth and volunteers, they will live and journey in their Catholic faith with the young people. This individual is expected to be knowledgeable of current curriculums and learning models as well as efforts for building up our own parish community.

Major Responsibilities:

  1. To ensure the implementation of the overall mission and vision to inspire every heart to know, love and serve Jesus Christ for the middle school youth and their families.
  2. To build relationships with both youth, parents and adults in the parish, schools and community settings.
  3. To promote and oversee the communication to the wider parish community regarding the youth ministry.
  4. To model and promote a relational approach to youth ministry by participation in school activities and building healthy relations with youth.
  5. Attend meetings, conventions and workshops concerning faith formation; engage in professional learning related to youth catholic youth ministry.
  6. To lead youth to a life of prayer that leads to a deep relationship with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This includes an understanding of prayer and how we pray through scripture, spontaneously, and more formally.
  7. Collaborate with ministries, parents, and parishioners to support and grow the ministry.


  • Member of the Catholic Church in good standing. Possess strong faith and morals.
  • Early adolescent development and teaching experience.
  • Be knowledgeable of the Bible and salvation history.
  • Able to relate to both youth and adults.
  • Large group and small group presentation and teaching skills.
  • Possess organizational, time management, planning, and evaluation skills.
  • Qualified or able to become qualified with all Diocesan personnel requirements.

Education Requirements

A Bachelor’s degree in Religious Education or Certificate in Catholic Youth Ministry is desirable. Successful Youth Ministry experience with less than a Bachelor’s degree will be considered. Theological training and/or related experience coupled with a willingness to seek further education is a plus.

All other duties as assigned by parish administration. To apply, send your cover letter and resume to apply@stpatsgh.org.

Child Care Worker

Our Child Care workers help in the Nursery during weekend Masses, during special programs, and while the Mom’s group meets throughout the year. If you are interested, please submit your resume to apply@stpatsgh.org.

Job Description

Reports To: Child Care Coordinator

Hourly – Part-time Position

General Description: The Day Care Worker organizes and leads activities of children and provides other assistance in the implementation of daycare programming.


  1. Conducts activities appropriate to the age level of each child.
  2. Organizes and participates in games, reads to children etc.
  3. Directs children in eating, resting and toileting.
  4. Helps children develop habits of caring for own clothing as well as picking up and putting away toys and books. Maintains discipline.
  5. Serves refreshments to children and regulates rest periods. 
  6. Assists in cleaning quarters.
  7. Ensures the health and safety of all children in childcare program.
  8. Participates in intake and child assessment process.  


  1. High School Diploma
  2. Work Experience related to the care of children.
  3. Some coursework in early childhood education desirable.
  4. Medical appraisal by a licensed physician may be required.
  5. State Police check.
  6. Child Care check
  7. Qualified or able to become qualified with all Diocesan personnel requirements, including Virtus training supplied by parish.