The Courage to be Silent

By Mary Jo Ervin

The most amazing things happen in silence.
The flight of a bird.
The rising of the sun.
The breath of dawn.
The appearance of the moon.
A prayer lifted in silence.
A lover’s glance.
A heartbeat is heard in silence.

Turn thine eyes of mercy towards us,
Oh most gracious Virgin Mary!
The grief of a loved one,
The pain of separation,
The agony of humiliation
Are each borne in silence.

God is near.  Like a good friend his presence matters.
He is the silence.  No need to comment or give advice.
He listens and accepts us without judgment. 
He bears all things.  He weeps and rejoices with us.
Humility is borne of silence.
He loves the silence that prepares
Our hearts to turn towards Him.

Noise interferes.
It deadens the heart’s longing for God.
It enrages, it distracts and it frustrates.
Noise displays itself through agitation,
Hopelessness and thirst for something more.
God is borne of silence.
Like the inner knitting of a human embryo.

Would I be so courageous as to choose silence?
To choose Him?
To choose peace?
To reject the tyranny of noise?
The dictatorship of the clamoring world outside?
Would I choose humility?

Jesus was asking Martha to return to her inner self,
To respect her need for peace.
To glorify Him in her work by not being swept away
Into the abyss of activity and useless worry.
Where shall I go to find God?
To a monastery?
To Eucharistic Adoration?
To a retreat into nature?
I need only to look inside in silence.
Therein resides my Lord.

                                                                                                                                 ~ Summer 2021