Sign Petition: Let MI Kids Learn

We have a unique opportunity right now in the state of Michigan to provide parents more choice in their child’s education.

A petition drive called Let Michigan Kids Learn would do two things if enough signatures are collected:
1. Establish an Opportunity Scholarship for public and non-public school families in Michigan to use toward educational expenses, including Catholic school tuition.
2. Establish a Michigan State tax credit to fund these scholarships.

This initiative must gather at least 340,000 signatures on each of the two separate petitions – the first one to establish the scholarship opportunity and the second to establish the tax credit.

We’re looking for your support. Please help collect signatures after Masses. To help, contact Karen at 616-935-8741 or email.

Two signatures are needed:

  1. To create Michigan Student Opportunity Accounts that will allow students to access the school, services, and tools they need to meet their individual learning needs.
  2. To establish a Michigan State tax credit to fund these scholarships.

Will you support Michigan’s children? Please sign the two petitions after Mass starting April 23-24.

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