Stephen Ministry

Woman contact: Karen Johnston
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Men contact: Jim Thelen

Stephen Ministers are lay people who have 50 hours of training in topics and skills related to caring ministry. They provide ongoing Christian care to people experiencing a wide range of life needs or crisis including; the hospitalized, terminally ill, bereaved, elderly, disabled, job crisis, lonely, separated, divorced, etc. They meet with a care receiver weekly, ongoing training twice monthly, and commit to two years of service. Coordinators Karen Johnston (women) 616-402-3641 and Jim Thelen (men) 616-846-1958.

“You are a special group giving that cup of cold water to brothers and sisters in need.” From a person going through the training.

“You will receive so much more than you give when you have a care receiver”. From a trained Stephen Minster

“We are like family, we minister to each other as well as to our care receiver.” From a trained Stephen Minster

“Our mother looked forward to seeing her SM come every week.” From a son of a Care Receiver