Volunteers Urgently Needed Ahead of Election

Volunteers needed to knock on doors, make calls against Proposal 3

The Catholic Advocacy Network (CAN) is reaching out for help to get the message out to more people to vote no on Proposal 3. There are 150 volunteer shifts that need to be filled to knock on doors and make phone calls between now and Election Day. These efforts are crucial in reaching as many voters as possible because all signs point to this election being a close one. Plus, these efforts have been fruitful: The more people learn more about Proposal 3, the more likely they are to pledge to vote against it.

Protect Life Michigan, the group organizing the door-knocking and phone call outreach, have made volunteering simple: All you need is a phone and a laptop, and you can even make these calls from your home if you can’t join them in person. They have written the scripts for you and have the lists of people to contact.

As Catholics, we are called to stand up for the dignity of human life. With this constitutional amendment aimed squarely against that core value, now is the time to act and do everything possible to ensure its defeat. Please consider stepping up to knock doors or make calls as we close in on Election Day.

Thank you for your advocacy and for your witness to life.

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