Retreat Day for 5th-12th Grade Students

Calling all 5th – 12th grade students! Join us for a 1-Day Retreat, on Saturday, Dec. 11, at St. Mary’s all about identity

Who are you? A soccer player? A dancer? The funny guy? The nice girl? There is one identity you don’t have to earn and cannot be taken away. This theme explores our inclination to identify ourselves by what we do rather than who we are as God’s sons and daughters. 

This retreat will be led by NET Ministries- a group of young adults who have chosen to spend their year as missionaries leading retreats for young people.

The day will include games, talks, small groups, prayer and Mass (which takes care of the Sunday obligation). Check-in begins at 9:30 AM and ends around 5:30 PM (after the 4:30 PM Mass) for grades 5-8. High School will have some additional time with the NET team until 9:00 PM. 

Click the button to register online or scan the QR code.