Migrant Outreach

Strives to build relationships with the workers coming to our area through one-on-on visits and helps with sacramental preparation.   Ministry also ensure the newly arrived have sufficient food and other needs to become safely established here.  


This year as part of our ministry to them we have developed an evangelization program to be more welcoming to them. We have a group of volunteers who visit the camps every week. Also Fr. Edwin Carreño goes to a different camp every Thursday to celebrate mass with them.

Our seasonal ministry began this year on June 19 with the first 6 PM mass for the season at St. Patrick, and it will end with 6 PM mass on September 18. During all this time we will continue having Spanish mass on Sunday at 6 PM at St. Patrick’s church. Please feel free to join us at Sunday mass.

We are very glad to be working in collaboration with other parishes from the lake shore area (St. Francis de Sales and Our Lady of the Lake Holland, St Mary Spring Lake, and St. Mary Muskegon) and the Hispanic Ministry office of the Diocese of Grand Rapids. This collaboration makes possible to have a Spanish speaking priest to celebrate mass during the season and to have enough volunteers to make our migrant brothers and sister feel welcome among us.

Please, continue praying for all those involved in this endeavor, so can continue being a “Welcoming Catholic Community, alive in Christ making present the kingdom of God.” And if you feel God’s call for this Ministry do not hesitate to contact us.

If you have any questions about our Hispanic Ministry contact:
José Astúa, Director of Mission and Ministry at EXT 122 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.