Who We Serve

Facility and Grounds Care serves parishioners and visitors of St. Patrick – St. Anthony Parish who make use of parish grounds and facilities.

What We Do

Facility and Grounds Care maintains the physical space and environment  needed to live out our call to worship, service, formation, pastoral care, and fellowship. Inside our buildings we maintain cleanliness, safety, ensure proper functioning, and provide an appropriate environment for the many ways we serve our parish and our community. Outside we maintain beautiful gardens, clear snow from parking lots and walkways, and do our best to make our campus look attractive and welcoming.  We strive to make our facility and grounds inviting to all who attend, both parishioners and visitors.

When & Where

Caring for our parish grounds and facilities takes place all year. Every season brings new opportunities for serving in this ministry.  Volunteers who help with Facility and Grounds Care can often set their own schedule. Some tasks may need to be done on specific days and times, but many of the tasks can be done whenever the volunteer has time to give. The work of our Facility and Grounds Care volunteers can be seen all over our campus, both at St. Patrick church and St. Anthony chapel. A large portion of the volunteer help needed is outside, tending to the grounds. Occasional indoor help is needed also.

Why We Serve

“The Lord God then took the man and settled him in the garden of Eden, to cultivate and care for it.” Genesis 2:15

Facility and Grounds Care is important in the work of the Church because of the direct impact our physical environment has on the human experience. In providing beautiful, clean, and safe spaces for parishioners and our community, we strive “To inspire every heart to Know, Love, and Serve Jesus Christ.”

How We Serve

Our efforts are made possible through parishioners volunteering their time and financial support.

Volunteer Opportunities 

  • Weekly gardening (Spring/Summer) Tending to (mainly weeding) one or more of the gardens on the parish grounds. This can be done on your own schedule.
  • Seasonal grounds assistance (Spring/Summer) Spreading fresh mulch for parish gardens, trimming shrubs, spring raking and flower bed cleanup.
  • Entrance snow removal (Fall/Winter) Shoveling snow in front of the church entrances before the 5pm and 9am Masses. Shoveling snow in front of the youth center entrance on Sunday evenings before 6pm.
  • Event setup & take down Assist with both the setup and the take down of tables/chairs and supplies for parish events
  • St. Anthony chapel maintenance  Various tasks to refresh the facility, i.e. painting
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