Migrant Ministry seeks to be a welcoming presence to our seasonal brothers and sisters who faithfully and diligently work at local migrant farms. This ministry strives to build relationships with these workers and help them feel a part of our community. Migrant Ministry also ensures the newly arrived have sufficient food and other needs to become safely established here.

Migrant ministry volunteers visit camps on Mondays and Wednesdays throughout the summer. We also invite migrant families to celebrate Mass in Spanish at St. Anthony Chapel. We work with a missionary priest, who celebrates Mass at St. Anthony Chapel and at the camps.

While visiting with the families, we build relationships, lend a listening ear, and strive to help in whatever ways possible.
Food boxes and hygiene packs along with clothing are available.

Our Migrant Ministry efforts doubled in the summer of 2021. Through 20 visits, we ministered to a total of 11 camps, 58 households, and 311 migrant workers with weekly Masses, holy water packets and rosaries. We also distributed over 100 food boxes & 311 hygiene packs! Thank you Micanna, Laurie, Mark, Clayton, Dave, Mike, Ben, Barb, Rachael, Rusty, and Alex for your time volunteering!

Please visit the “Volunteer” tab if you would like to volunteer your time, or visit the “Giving” tab if you would like to volunteer as a financial supporter.

Your support allows us to carry out our ministry to migrant workers on farms in our area. Our ministry provides Masses at camps, pastoral and spiritual care, as well as food and hygiene products to those in need at the camps. Is God calling you to volunteer as a financial supporter? Click the button to give now.

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