The Parish Book & CD Rack in the Gathering Space has been a popular and useful source for good Catholic literature and teaching.  Periodically we are going to recommend some noteworthy works for you.

We also have a free public library on the bookcase in the corner of Gathering Space leading into the Family Center; please help yourself to a selection there.. You may drop off books for review to Tony twice a year.

You will find the book below and other good selections on the Parish Book & CD Rack for a reasonable cost.

Mary Jo Ervin would like to recommend the book “The Power of Silence,” by Robert Cardinal Sarah of New Guinea, West Africa.  It contains a wonderful conversation with French journalist and author, Nicolas Diat.  This work is a magnificent reflection on the challenges that we, in the Western World face in finding enough silence to actually contemplate and converse with Our Lord. Cardinal Sarah proclaims, “That the truths of the Church find their best manifestation in  a prepared environment where silence reigns. Silence is the gateway,”  Sarah describes, “Where the dictatorship of noise in the modern world and the rush of technology and materialism can be abated through a return to the divine.”

After reading this book, Mary Jo was inspired to write this beautiful poem.

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