24-Hour Adoration Returns!

Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
It is our responsibility and privilege to ensure that someone is always present in front of Our Lord. Adorers commit to spending one hour a week in the Adoration Chapel in prayer with the Lord. To sign up, contact Pam at the Parish Office at 616-842-0001.

“The Eucharist is here to remind us who God is. It does not do so just in words, but in a concrete way, showing us God as bread broken, as love crucified and bestowed,” the pope said. “Today, as in the past, the cross is not fashionable or attractive,” he said. “Yet it heals us from within. Standing before the crucified Lord, we experience a fruitful interior struggle, a bitter conflict between ‘thinking as God does’ and ‘thinking as humans do.’”


In the eventuality that there is no one to relieve you, if that means that an hour slot is not yet filled, or if there is an emergency and you are not able to stay for subsequent slots, a curtain has been installed around the adoration altar that can be used to “repose” the Blessed Sacrament before you leave.

There will be prayers provided to say when doing so. Once the prayer has been said, respectfully close the curtains and depart.


If you arrive, and the curtains are closed, please pray the exposition prayer provided, and then respectfully open the curtains before beginning your time in adoration.