Who We Serve

All liturgical ministers exist for the service of the Body of Christ, the People of God, the assembly gathered in God’s name.   (USCCB) 

Worship and Liturgy provide the people of St. Patrick – St. Anthony parish, and its visitors, opportunities to reverently participate in worship through the celebration of Holy Mass and other liturgical celebrations.

What We Do

Worship and Liturgy provides reverent and prayerful worship experiences in a beautiful and sacred

environment.  Some roles are more visible, like Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion, Lector, or Altar Server. Other roles are served in the background, like the Art and Environment committee, Sacred Linen Launders, etc.

When & Where 

There is work to be done throughout the year, as the celebration of the Holy Liturgy happens all year. Many roles serve on weekends during the celebration of Holy Mass, while other roles serve throughout the week to prepare for and enhance liturgical celebrations in a beautiful and prayerful environment. Worship and Liturgy mostly serve in the church, as they are usually tied to a liturgical celebration. 

Why We Serve

Although serving in any of these ministries should be a source of joy and satisfaction for individual people, these ministries exist for the benefit and service of the Church and not for individual or personal piety, spiritual growth or status. (USCCB)

Through the active service of the Body of Christ, we strive to live Christ’s call to service. In our example as servants, we hope to inspire the hearts and minds of the gathered congregation to more fully know Jesus Christ, then love Jesus Christ, and eventually serve Jesus Christ, as well.

How We Serve

Our efforts are made possible through parishioners volunteering their time and financial support.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Lector Proclaims the Word of God
  • Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion Distributes Holy Communion
  • Altar Server  Assists Father at the altar during Mass
  • Presider’s Assistant  Assists Father with set up and during the Mass
  • Sacred Linens Collects and cleans the sacred linens
  • Watering Committee Waters and maintains the plants in the church
  • Usher/Greeter Greets parishioners and provides hospitality and support during collection and Holy Communion.
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