New Names for Meeting Rooms & Gathering Spaces

Recently, an endeavor to rename our “numbered” meeting rooms and gathering spaces was completed. Each room was given the name of a saint accompanied by a portrait and short biography of the saint affixed next to the entryway of the room. Here is a list of the new monikers for each room.

Saint Charles BorromeoRm 142
Saint John BoscoRm 143  
Saint Bernadette SoubirousRm 148  
Saint Zelie MartinGathering space Kitchen
Saint Gianna MollaNursery
Holy Family Faith CenterFamily Center 
Saint BrendanRm 4  
The Good ShepherdAtrium  
Saint Kateri TekakwithaRm 1-2  
Saint Peter Julian EymardRm 5-6
Saint CajetanJob Seekers
Saint John The EvangelistRm 7-8
Saint Louis MartinFamily Center Kitchen 
Saint Philip NeriFood Pantry
Blessed Miguel ProRm 201
Saint Catherine LaboureRm 227
Saint AugustineRm 226
Saint John Paul IILarge Room Youth Center
Blessed Carlo AcutisGame Room Youth Center
Saint DrogoKitchen Youth Center