Our Sacred Journey: Small Faith-Sharing Groups

I would like to introduce “Our Sacred Journey-Faith Growth Groups,” formerly known as “Book Clubs.” We know some of these groups are still meeting and others have been idled by Covid.

We want to re-ignite this effort. We are currently in the process of contacting all the leaders of these groups to find out their status. This is perfect time to join or re-join an Our Sacred Journey Faith Sharing group. If you are interested, please see me after Mass at a sign-up table in the Gathering area.

These small groups originally were formed to study the Sunday Gospel once per month and support one another in prayer and community. Some groups continue to faithfully study the Sunday Gospel readings while others have chosen to pursue other meaningful faith formations offerings. Some groups meet in homes and others meet here in one of the available rooms

This year, we would like to offer 4 study options:

  1. Of course, #1 will be the Study of the Sunday Gospels. This comes with helpful explanations, reflections and meditations from Renew International.
  2. # 2 is a very educational video series called “Happiness, Suffering and the Love of God” by Fr. Robert J Spitzer, SJ who is both a scientist and a theologian plus an excellent speaker
  3. Next offering is a prayerful series called “Lectio on the Gospel of Mark” from the website FORMED.
  4. Some groups like a good book study, so we are suggesting an enlightening book called “By What Authority” by Mark Shea

We are all on a journey…a Sacred Journey.  It can be very difficult trying to travel these roads alone. Join with others to grow in your Faith and in your relationship with the Good Lord and others. Be a part of a faith sharing group.

See me after Mass for more information.

~Tony Allen