Catholic Services Appeal 2023

Thank you for your gifts to CSA 2023! Your generous support funds essential diocesan ministries that support formation throughout the diocese including our priests and seminarians, care for those in need, cultural ministries, and so much more.

The diocese also provides important support and oversight on administrative, financial, and legal matters as well as consulting on projects and planning, and liturgical guidance. God’s people are cared for through our support of CSA. To date 299 families, representing 19% of our parish households, have pledged $131,180 or 81% of our parish goal of $161,547. We need $30,367 to meet our goal. Last year our participation was 28% let’s work to exceed that! Please keep in mind that any amount raised over our goal is returned to the parish.

If you have not already, please consider a gift to this important need. You may complete a pledge card or give online through the diocesan website If you are unable to give at this time, it helps if you complete a pledge card with your offer to pray for the campaign and work of the diocese. Please continue to pray for the success of this important effort.

CSA Highlighted Ministry: Our CSA contribution supports the work of Catholic Charities. In addition to providing counseling, pregnancy support, and social justice acts, at this time 336 children are receiving loving support through CCWM’s foster care and adoption
programs and over 63,000 meals have been served through CCWM’s food program.

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