Summer Leadership Institutes

The Catholic Information Center and the Diocese are again co-sponsoring two leadership institutes this summer.

Enrollment is open for both the Young Adult Leadership Institute and the Leadership Formation Institute in Biblical Studies.

The Young Adult Leadership Institute continues as a collaboration between the Diocese and the Catholic Information Center offering young adults in their 20s and 30s the opportunity to explore meaningful ways to live out their faith and values at work, with their family and friends, in the Church and the world.

The Leadership Formation Institute for Biblical Studies has been redesigned with this focus on providing the necessary tools to study and pray with sacred Scripture and how to facilitate small group Bible study. Taught by Biblical scholars such as Alice Camille, Mary Elizabeth Sperry, and Vincent Smiles, participants will deepen their love for sacred Scripture and their understanding of a Catholic interpretation of the Bible.

Will you partner with us?

We are accepting nominations of those you know would personally benefit from participating in either of these institutes and who in turn will benefit your parish by sharing their gifts and leadership.

We kindly ask that you complete the online form .

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