Faith Formation Adult Volunteer

These adults attend 1 hour monthly planning meetings on Sundays following Mass throughout the school year. They volunteer to be at one or more of the faith formation nights (see Program & Events for days/ times) to participate in activities, lead small groups and invest in the lives of middle schoolers.

Freedom Team (8-12 grade youth)

Interested youth, in grades 8-12, can apply to be a part of this group. Their mission is to grow in their faith and serve our parish through service. They are encourage to be models of faith and actively engage with middle school youth during faith formation nights and various socials, retreats, etc.

Guest Speaker

If God has given you the gift of sharing your faith, please volunteer to speak at one of our faith formation nights or retreats. This would require meeting with Rachael briefly prior to your talk, which could be from 10 to 30 minutes. While we’d love to have you in-person, this is something that could be done virtually or recorded.

Parishioner Pen Pals

Help our 5th & 6th graders to think about their weekly topics by writing back and forth through letters. Rachael would email the student letter on Tuesday or Thursday and you’d drop your response in the dropbox during the week or on Sundays, when attending Mass. This would be a two-year commitment.

Social Adult Chaperone

Do you want to enjoy our beautiful town? Do you like to play games & be silly? Do you like free food? This is a low-key commitment to spend time with our youth one event at a time.

Retreat Planning Team

This group meets for approximately 3-4 hours prior to a retreat to plan the schedule, food, t-shirt design, and activities. Some projects can be taken to complete outside our meetings.

Mission Trip Chaperone

Travel with us to serve the greater community for 4-5 days in the summer. Mission Trips are a mix of prayer, service and fun. Be prepared to drive a van, get minimal sleep 😉 and watch hearts grow in service.