Faith Formation Adult Volunteer

Adult volunteers attend faith formation on a regular basis and can help in various ways. The most common role is that of a small group leader. Small group leaders are assigned to a group of students and facilitate conversation about the topic of the night. Small group leaders are also asked to build meaningful, Christ centered relationships and invest in the lives of the middle schoolers. Other ways adult volunteers can help is by assisting with check-in, arranging and setting up snacks, and lending an extra hand during social activities and events.

Guest Speaker

If God has given you the gift of sharing your faith with this unique age group, please consider speaking at one of our faith formation nights . This requires meeting with the middle school coordinator to determine the topic and date, and providing a detailed outline of the talk prior to the presentation date.

Retreat Planning Team

This group meets prior to retreats to plan the schedule, t-shirt design, and activities. While some planning must take place during the planning meetings, there are many tasks that can be accomplished outside of the designated planning time.

Mission Trip Volunteer

Travel with us serve the greater community for 4-5 days in the summer. Mission Trips are a mix of prayer, service and fun. Be prepared to drive a van, get minimal sleep 😉 and watch hearts grow in service.

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