Food Pantry Update: June

Here are the totals for June 2022. We had 98 client visits this month representing 310 individuals.  Last year in June, we had 68 client visits representing 182 individuals.  The increases are due to increases in the number of LOVE clients ( 65 this June vs. 44 last June) and Migrant Ministry clients (33 this June vs. 25 last June).  In both groups, we are also seeing increases in the number of children (we served 89 children this June vs. 53 last June).  

Year to date numbers: for 2022, we have served 419 clients representing households with 1160 individuals.  In 2021, we served 305 clients representing households of 748 individuals by this time of the year.
We are not surprised by the increase in LOVE numbers due to the increases in food prices and other increases that are straining household budgets. 

Our Migrant Ministry has been delivering food and hygiene supplies to the Migrant camps for two weeks now; we still have about 6 weeks of very active  distribution in this ministry.   We provide migrant workers with a welcome box of food as they get settled and begin to work; our outreach to them is a one time distribution.

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