Love in Action:Fight Hunger Feed Hope

For many years LIA has kept a food fund, specific to its purpose – for food only. Any money given is always spent wholly to purchase food for those in need… not for electricity, staffing or the many other associated costs. Our community and its many generous donors have done an amazing job of providing food through financial giving over the years. This money has been used to provide food through Love in Action’s food trucks, pantries, housing shelters, Backpack Blessings, and most recently through our Community Co-op.

I am reaching out to you because the food challenges this year have increased dramatically. In 2022 food needs grew by 25%. This year those needs have increased by 30%! Increasing costs in housing, fuel, utilities and, of course, food are driving our area’s most challenged families into increasingly difficult situations.

You can help:  

  • $5 provides a local student with food for a weekend.  
  • $200 provides a household with a week’s worth of groceries through an LIA pantry or the Community Co-op.  
  • $850 provides our area with a food truck, providing fresh produce and other perishable items for up to 400 people. 

Love in Action’s mission is to serve Jesus by transforming lives by empowering people to thrive.  

  • Transformation – Lives are truly changed here every day on all levels of the ministry as we serve together, connect closely and provide for those in need.  
  • Empowerment – We never want to “un-empower” someone by doing for them what they can do for themselves. Instead, we are looking for the next step forward for each person.  
  • Thrive – Our goal is to create a flourishing community where we serve well, love well and create goodness for each person connected to us. 

A gift to the LIA food fund between now and the end of the year will go completely toward meeting this need. If you are a donor who has supported LIA in other ways, please know we are thankful and your gifts are important in those areas as well. This is a special request in light of needs that have changed. LIA has never provided food to more people. Your compassion during this time is greatly appreciated!  


Josh Bytwerk  
Executive Director  

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