“God has bestowed upon his people the gift of song. God dwells within each human person, in the place where music takes its source. Indeed, God, the giver of song, is present whenever his people sing his praises.” Sing to the Lord 1

Mixed Ensemble

Men and Women, high school age and above are invited to join the Mixed Ensembles. Being able to read music is not currently required, but is very helpful. What is required is consistency, and a passion for service through music at Mass. This group offers music on a weekly basis at weekend Masses and Solemnities.

Musical Style: Varied sacred music with some Choral Part Singing

Children’s Choir

Children aged 6-12 are invited to come together to make a joyful noise to the lord, primarily for the Christmas Season.
Participants: Children aged 6-12 (taking into consideration their reading ability)
Singing: Christmas Eve at the 4:00 PM Mass and the Children’s Pageant

Adult Choir

The adult choir will be a true SATB choir. We are in need of singers who know how to read music, and are willing to put in some extra work to create some beautiful sacred music.
The group will begin as a quartet and grow outwards. If you think you would be a good fit for a group like this, please reach out to the director to set up an audition.


Cantors are called to lead the assembly in various sung prayers during weekend liturgy. The ministry is first and foremost, a ministry of service by leadership. Cantors serve their fellow worshippers by leading and encouraging them to unite their own voices to the unifying action of song during Mass. If you are interested in this ministry, please speak to the Director to set up an assesment.


There is always a need, and interest, to have instrumentalists join our ministry to add beauty to the liturgy through their particular gifts and talents. Please reach out to the director if you are interested in joining and we can see where your instrument may be most needed.