1. Who may receive Confirmation?
Every baptized person not yet confirmed can and should receive the Sacrament of Confirmation. Since Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist form a unity, it follows that “the faithful are obliged to receive this sacrament at the appropriate time.” (CCC, no. 1306, citing CIC, can. 890)

2. How should candidates for Confirmation be prepared?
Preparation for Confirmation should aim at leading the Christian toward a more intimate union with Christ and a more lively familiarity with the Holy Spirit—his actions, his gifts, and his biddings—in order to be more capable of assuming the apostolic responsibilities of Christian life. To this end catechesis for Confirmation should strive to awaken a sense of belonging to the Church of Jesus Christ, the universal Church as well as the parish community. The latter bears special responsibility for the preparation of confirmands. (CCC, no. 1309)

3. Why do we not receive Confirmation more than once?
Confirmation, like Baptism, imprints a spiritual mark, or indelible character on the Christian’s soul; for this reason one can receive this Sacrament only once in one’s life (CCC, no. 1317)