Are you considering getting married at St. Patrick-St. Anthony Church? All interested parties must contact Tony Allen and schedule an information and introduction meeting to prepare for the sacrament of marriage.

Weddings require a six-month to one-year planning window in order to prepare properly for the sacrament. (The couple must be registered/participating in the parish for at least six months prior to requesting a wedding date, and completing a six-month preparation period.) All weddings are scheduled through the Parish Office.

Tony Allen
Director of Faith Formation
(616) 935-8737
Email Tony

1. Meet with Tony

The first step is to contact Tony Allen to arrange marriage preparation and address any special circumstances. Once Tony has met with the couple, the date can be set with Pam Hill.

2. Meet with Fr. Dan to Schedule the Date & Reserve Church Facilities with Pam

Fr. Dan Schumaker
Canonical Administrator
(616) 842-0001
Email Fr. Dan
Pam Hill
Administrative Assistant Front Office
(616) 842-0001 ext. 125
Email Pam

3. Choose Music & Readings for Liturgy

Alex Navas
Director of
Liturgy and Music Ministry
(616) 935-8744
Email Alex