God Is On Your Side

There is big money, power and control in spreading fear. It seems that for a long, long time, everyone and everything is and has been geared to trying to shake your faith, trouble your peace and leave you in a state of restless desperation. There are those who make it seem that that the whole world, people, governments, friends, neighbors and even nature itself is out to get you. And you know what? It very often works and leaves us shaking in our boots, afraid to believe or trust anyone or anything.

This attitude, this condition of fear, this state of feeling abandoned is not the way it has to be, nor is it the way that God intends for us to live. For those of us that believe in God, for those of us who are Christian, for those of us who embrace our Catholic faith, there is another more profound way to live and be. That “Way” is trust in the love and presence of Christ. There is profound joy and a deep sense of peace given to those who believe the words of the Gospel and accept the promise of Christ into their hearts. The ways of God are not the ways of this world.

The Gospel readings we have heard these past two Sundays speak to the familial and parental love and care that Christ has for each and every one of us. That love and concern for us is so intense that God gives to us the Advocate, His own Spirit to be with us each and every moment. The Gifts of the Holy Spirit are not meant to be some abstract idea argued about by theologians but real gifts of Spirit, Virtue and Character that shape our souls and lead us to deep love and trust in our relationship with Christ. You see, the Spirit or Advocate can be likened to our defense attorney in the court of human vice and frailty. God is on our side. The gifts of Wisdom and Good Counsel are ours to help us navigate the fear and hatred of this world.

One meaning for the name of Satan is the “Accuser.” He relishes his role of breaking your trust in yourself and your relationship with God. Among his dark gifts are fear, deceit, hatred, scorn and doubt. Left to our own devices we would stand little to no chance of overcoming his onslaught. But we are not alone. Through our Baptism and Confirmation, we are spoken for by God. We are “Sealed in the Holy Spirit” and by God’s own mercy and love, claimed and saved by Him and for Him alone.

My friends, fear not the things that you cannot control. Place your trust and life in the hands of Christ and know that you belong him. He is with you. He loves you. He will not let you fall.

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